The more you earn, the more we earn. We are a team.

With any of the plans, you can block the calendar without any problem to enjoy the apartment with your loved ones.

Full management of your vacation rental

Field plan

Ideal for owners who want to get the maximum profit out of their properties, but doesn't want to do the management involved in vacation rental.
From 10% of the reservation
  • Advertising and revenue management.
  • Check-in at almost any time.
  • Cleaning and laundry.

Management, technology and more

Remote plan

Ideal for owners who have staff to receive travelers and organize cleaning, but do not have the time, technology or market information to get the most profit out of it.
From 5% of the reservation
  • Adverts published in many channels.
  • Daily revenue management.
  • Technology + Channel Manager.

Best positioning guaranteed

With any package we use our best weapons to get higher in searches and have more visibility, which will imply more potential travelers and options to be booked.

All year round

We work the 365 days not to miss any business opportunity.

Revenue management

We constantly review rates to keep the calendar as full as possible.

Online Reputation

We go to the apartment to deliver the keys in person with extended hours to improve traveller's experience


You will have access to the management software updated in real time thanks to the synchronization with the channels.

Profesional photography

Our professional interior designers and photographers will make the best album.

Monthly payment

Every 30 days you will receive all the incomes coming from the reservations.
Contact us to ask any question you may have or request additional information, we are looking forward to starting a long collaboration.
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